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questions and concerns from a young designer.

Although I did not get a chance to attend this years ADCMW Career Day, I have already heard such great things from fellow GMU design students. I was actually extremely intimidated by the responses from my colleagues that did attend Career Day. Comments such as, “You have to be more bold and more ballsy to make it in this field.” What does this mean? Does this mean I need to think more about my use of type, do I need to create more thought-provoking headlines, should I be spending my time on re-vitalizing my portfolio? I have a million questions, and I never seem to find the “right” answer. Everything in this field is so subjective –– there’s no perfect answer. No matter how many design professionals I talk to, they all seem to have a different opinion on how to go about starting your career as a designer. It has all been great advice and good networking experience, but I still leave these conversations even more perplexed than before. I suppose this doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

As graduation is fast approaching, I am getting more nervous (and excited) for my design career to begin. I am scared at the same time, because I feel unprepared for the professional world. How do we, as young, graduating designers, know exactly what we are going to need when we leave university life? At the end of the day, I am altogether overwhelmed at the thought of starting a career in the field of graphic design. I contemplate a portfolio prep school (such as Creative Circus), attending graduate school, or even freelancing for a while on my own. No matter what decision I make, it all involves adult decisions to choices that will change my life. My advice to underclassmen is this: it’s never too early to start getting feedback on your portfolio, networking with professionals, starting a portfolio website, or searching for jobs. I would highly suggest getting a head start before it’s your senior year. Two semesters is not nearly enough time to plan out the rest of your life.

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