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When It Comes to Your Portfolio, There Are No Excuses

It's YOUR portfolio, take charge! (designed by me)

It's YOUR portfolio, take charge! (designed by me)

I’m sure you’ve all had a professor or boss look over your designed work and suggest that you modify elements in your designed piece in order to have a more successful outcome. You may have heard, “move the title over, change the body text typeface, or tweak the layout.” Many times these suggestions are helpful. However, no matter if we ended up with an A on our projects or received accolades from our boss, we should always reevaluate our design decisions before placing any work in our portfolios.


Quite simply: there are no excuses. In an interview when you are presenting your portfolio, you should NEVER say these words, “I had to” “they wanted it this way” “I would have” I should have” “I could have” because you CAN make it the design you are proud of presenting. Simply go back to the file, make the adjustments, and print YOUR version! This is exactly what you should do. If anything, the portfolio reviewer will be impressed that you had enough insight to update your design work.

Remember, no excuses! It’s all YOU!