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I stumbled upon the most fabulous blog – with an even better title.

I have been attempting to “blog” for two years now but always quit after two weeks; failing to have anything to write about. I wish I would have thought about this topic because like I said before – it is FABULOUS!

Mostly Useless Things I Want is Jessica Hische’s blog about – well things she wants!

Jessica Hische is a free-lance designer with a big resume. In 2009 she was named and featured as one of Step Magazine’s 25 Emerging Artists, Communication Arts “Fresh”, Print Magazine’s New Visual Artists 2009 (commonly referred to as Print’s 20 under 30), and The Art Directors Club Young Guns. She was worked for big-name companies like American Express, Target, Victoria Secret and many more.

She has numerous blogs about illustration, design, and one that features – a hand-lettered drop cap each day!

I loved finding a site that I loved – and even better finding a site that led me to Jessica’s other sites. I could spend hours looking at her work and being inspired!

Jessica’s site:

Mostly Useless Thing I Want:

Daily Drop Cap: