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A fan with no blades…

Dyson has quickly become the standard of high-end vacuum cleaners. With their sleek design and innovative technology they are become more and more popular among many people. With vacuums ranging from around $300 to over $800 Dyson’s vacuums can suit many people’s budgets. Dyson’s most recent invention isn’t an up-right rotating flat out large maneuverability vacuum, it’s a fan.

So, why would Dyson create a fan? Fan’s aren’t anything fabulous and when come to think of it I cannot think of any “name brand” fan. However, in true Dyson style this fan isn’t just any old fan.

The Dyson Air Multiplier is a bladeless, buffet-less, and the first of its kind! It’s design is true to Dyson – sleek and innovative. A bladeless fan!? I didn’t believe it until I tried it out at Target. Technology has come so far – many might think that a fan like this is unnecessary, but  who knows in twenty years there might not be any fan’s with blades!

With Dyson Vacuums and now the Dyson Air Multiplier housewives everywhere are becoming more like Judy Jetson by the minute!