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Ooma Bowl

Sauce is something of beauty. People love to dip their food in every kind of sauce imaginable. The Melting Pot has started a chain of relatively expensive restaurants based around dipping. You dip veggies, chips, fruit, white meat, dark meat, tofu, cookies, and well anything! But there is a method to the dip, a process. It’s called dipping for a reason. You need to be in control of the dip. Your dippie cannot meet its dip before the time is right. God forbid it gets soggy!

Designer, artist, and experience enthusiast Thomas Both has come to save the day with the Ooma Bowl! The Ooma Bowl can be found at Uncommon Goods – – and comes in a variety of colors; coconut, mango, and pomegranate.  The Ooma Bowl is specifically designed to separate your foods and your sauces until the time is just right! The design is clean and simple and best of all practical! Great design with a person in mind can go a long way!

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