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Tumblr Popularity

tumblr_kvh5ddyxpz1qaumelTumblr is a blogging service that has been gradually gaining popularity on the internet along with other networking sites such as twitter, wefollow, and facebook. Users can relink blogs post that they like and enjoy so their own followers can view blogs from other users on the site. In a way it becomes a popularity contest much like the twitter system of popularity has become.

How is this valid to us as designers? You could use tumblr as a promotional tool potentially. What I enjoy about tumblr is the user friendly interface. The biggest turn off for me about creating a new blog is the layout design aspect. I do not know html and css codes, and it seems way too time consuming to create a working code or expensive to pay someone else to make one for me. This makes creating a blog as easy as clicking 3 buttons and having a decent navigable layout.

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