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Will you sign my sketchbook??

My all time favorite, oldie but goodie, better than the rest graphic designer is Niklaus Troxler.

 2005 Bob Stewart- Arthur Blythe poster

2005 Bob Stewart- Arthur Blythe poster

His work reminds me of those 3D optical illusion books you read as a kid. I like his work because he takes simple elements of designs to create intricate and visually entertaining pieces. Using contrasting colors like red and green create the illusion of movement. I find the simplicity of his designs refreshing. Lines and colored silhouettes are powerful tools in the hands of the right designer.

Troxler has been working in graphic design since 1963. The fact that his designs are still being published speak highly of his ability to adapt to modern taste while maintaining his artistic identity. While our design styles are different, we have the same goal to keep a sense of self in our design endeavors. My dream is his reality, that’s why he’s my hero.

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