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02Kenya Hara is one of the most Japanese respectable thinker and graphic designer. He devotes considerable attention to the pursuit of future communication in Japan. A record of his work is full of very beautiful, elegant and restrained design solutions He’s perception of having communication is interesting.

People believe that communication is an action of sending and receiving information. But communication can be recognized without exchanging contents. People share their consciousness while facing each other, having an eye contact, and nodding head. Those physical activities are not specifically defined as communication but if you think you have good understanding, you can consider it as communication.

The definition of communication is a connection between people or places, in particular.  Information transfers through the media that is designed to inform people so people can understand. However, the communication is more of having better understanding each other rather than sending and receiving signals. Understanding each other in person-to-person values as an effective communication than exchanging complicated encoded and decoded signals.

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