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Liquid Art

569201265582180This amazing image is created by Italian artist, Alberto Seveso. Alberto Seveso is a graphic designer and illustrator who has simply created a fantastic style by mixing colourful vectors with black and white photos known as “sperm shaping.” He was born in Milan 30 years ago, but lived for in the marvellous Sardinia Island for 20 years. He currently lives in Rome, Italy. He never studied design. He’s been working in graphics fields about 15 years ago. His stunning art work is simply processed. He poured varnish into a fishbowl, the texture looks amazing and the ink flowing through water looks almost like solid veiled flowers covered in some kind of cloth. The images almost look like they were computer generated but they aren’t. The details in how the varnish mixes with the water is really powerful, and the color is absolutely beautiful.
You can find the rest of his fascinating illustrations works in his portfolio linked below.