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Animated feature films are not just geared to children anymore, but now they are being made to entertain the parents as well as the kids. But are these animations losing the kid factor and geared just for adults now.
You can find more adult cartoons on the air than you can find kid cartoons. In fact kid shows are being cut off as early as  7 or 8 pm now a days, and replaced by cartoons geared for the more mature audience. Its also very noticable that those more mature cartoons are watched by majority of the youth more so. Now its all about family guy and southpark, or animes. 

All cartoons are fun to watch and should be made entertaining to everyone. Some parents overreact at the slightest attempt at adult humor in cartoons, but I think most animation industries realize that they need to think about a wider audience other than those that there shows are geared too.