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I asked my sister, what was one of her biggest issues about graphic design? She told me the fact that anyone with photoshop thinks that are or can be a designer. I think I might have to actually agree with her on that. I have seen this among my own family members as well. I guess people don’t realize that it takes more than a fancy computer program to make a really nice piece of art.

But then again some people find it cheaper to do it themselves, instead of hiring someone who will change their ideas completely. In my Dad’s case, he hired an artist to help with his book designs, but the problem is that artist dosen’t listen too well. Its kind of the same problem with my sister. She’s good at what she does, but she is a stickler for the rules, so I find her ideas and designs to be a bit tooo mechanical. She doesn’t like anything that doesn’t follow what she was taught, so the ideas my Dad has in mind for his book never work for her and she changes them completely. So I guess I can understand why some people choose to do it themselves, but in anycase they can always go to the book store and try to learn a little more about what it is they are trying to do. Besides everyone has the potential to be an artist if they really want to and they practice hard. Well, thats my opinion at least.