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What are the most important things an animator should do? Well their are three main things I can really think of that have been stressed to me over the past 4 years about animation. Draw, Draw, and Draw some more! Oh, and a lot of research and observation are very important as well. But then again research is important in almost everything we do.

I’m not sure if drawing is as important to graphic designers as it is to animators and illustrators. Design is important in animation, but for those who really love to animate characters we have to have an understanding of the body, movement, and weight. Observation is key to understanding how these things work, so the more references and sketches that are collected the better. I go through dozens of sketch books and most of them  are filled with gesture drawings and concept sketches. Sketchbooks serve as a good resource and its also a nice way for me to see how much I’ve improved over time, but I can’t say its to eco friendly. But the number on key thing in animation is knowing how to draw.