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design design everywhere

I came across this site where you can completely design a face, for fun i suppose. It made me think about how design keeps growing and stretching into different areas, for example, the ability to design Mii’s on the Wii system, or avatars on for our email accounts. It started a while ago, I’m guessing when the Sims games came out where you can totally design an entire world, from people, to houses, to the whole towns. It’s funny how we all have the accessibility to use our sense of creativity and design in various common ways. Design is available to anybody and it’s fun to work with. These kinds of desinging are different than the stuff we are learning to come up with in school on an advertising level, but it’s still interesting to me to see how everybody has the ability to unleash their design sense and how much more involved it is involved in our everyday lives.

the website: