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Awesome Poster

It seems like every movie poster that comes out is incredibly sleek and processed. The design is complex, and the colors are fine tuned and tweeked in order to create a very specific look. Often the designers try to fit as much stuff from the movie onto the poster as possible, which can add to the clutter. Normally I like these incredibly refined pieces, but it can be a refreshing change of pace to get something like this:

Aside from just being super excited about the new Jackass, I was pretty impressed with the poster design. The layout is painfully simple, but it works perfectly. The tip of the boat, as well as some of the type create a path between the picture and the black frame. The simple black and white border works very well with the (mostly?) unaltered colors of the still. All  of the elements add together to create a unique vintage look that really sets this poster apart from the rest.