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Is it the professor or the slides?

I have two extremely boring classes. Both are lectures and both consist of sitting there taking notes off of a powerpoint while the professor talks with out pause for over an hour. In one class, each slide looks the exact same everyday; black bullet points on a white background. The font is Times New Roman which is just as boring as the subject. Every class I can not help it, but I fall asleep. I won’t even be that tired and I will pass out with my pen in hand. In my other boring class, the teacher’s slides are a little more interesting. He uses a little color, usually a bright color, and different typefaces every once in a while. Although the topic is equally as boring as the other class, I find myself and other students able to stay awake and actually take notes.

At first I figured that I only noticed because I am an art student, however I think the bright colors keep other students awake also. I see a lot less people passed out in this lecture than the Times New Roman lecture. It must be the slides.

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  1. wrote:

    It’s the slides. And if you’re not staying awake because of the lecture, you’re definitely staying awake trying to critique the layout and composition of the slides. I do that, I understand.
    I had an older male science professor use PINK throughout his presentation a couple of days ago. I still do not understand how pink was the appropriate color to use. On the bright side, he tends to include animated pictures and a lot of images in all of his slides, keeping me, the art student, engaged in the science lecture.
    Bottom line, it’s the slides.

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