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Pulp, Ink And Hops

Last Thursday, Baltimore Print Studios held the “13th Annual Pulp, Ink and Hops” event. It is the largest paper show in the region where you can meet distinguished graphic designers, design firms, paper vendors, and fellow graphic design students. I went to the show with old friends and enjoyed all the free food, beer, and paper. The assorted and colorful paper samples were like candy to my designer eyes. Gilah Press + Design displayed an incredible portfolio of design work. Their portfolio included business cards for other clients, invitations, letterheads and more. The type of paper they used enhanced their designs making them strong and notable. This showed me the importance of the paper show and how the paper can strengthen your design. I even met one of the designers and praised her for the elegant wedding invitations she created.

Free things kept flowing everywhere. French Paper had a huge kiosk with ample books of paper samples. They also gave away paper sunglasses, paper mustaches and meticulously designed posters. Mac Medics gave out mini first aid kits and prescription-bottled M&Ms. I felt like a happy child trick-or-treating as I held my paper bag out collecting from each kiosk. The vendors were congenial and outgoing. I met the manager of the paper company, NEENAH PAPER I used for my recent business suit project. He let me know that I can receive samples of paper with my printed designs for free by mail.

The vibe of the show was warm, welcoming and entertaining. It was barely crowded seeing it was a Thursday night and in the middle of W. Baltimore. This experience was highly encouraging and inspirational as a graphic design student. Here’s the free stuff you missed out on:

Paper Samples