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Choosing a computer

Recently I went to the Apple store because I’m looking for a good laptop to buy. It is confusing when you have many choices to pick from, especially in today’s market. Before I buy my laptop I wanted to make sure that I have done enough research of my choice. What brand? What capacity? What size? Should I buy 13” laptop because I’d like to have a light and a small one to carry with me everyday wherever I go? Or should I go with 15” / 17” to have a wider screen which would be convenient to do design work. Any of you can give me any preference input based on previous experiences?


  1. wrote:

    I would really suggest a 15″ Macbook Pro! 🙂 I have one and I absolutely love it! The larger screen is perfect for design work as you mentioned. All of the Macbook Pros come with 4 gigs of RAM standard so that you can run multiple heavy programs simultaneously. Also, the processors in them are amazing!

    I actually work at the Fair Oaks Apple Store! You should definitely come in and talk with me or anyone in a blue shirt! They will answer all of your questions and suggest the right model and programs for you. And don’t worry, there is no pressure to purchase anything, we are just there to help.

    Also, since you are a Mason student, you can save money with educational discounts. Definitely bring your Mason ID when you are ready to buy. You can save on not only the computer, but on the Apple Care warranty that will cover your computer for 3 years! 🙂

    You can also ask me any questions!! 🙂 Please feel free!

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  2. Sjemieli wrote:

    First and foremost, I would like to say, nice sales pitch there, Megan. 😛 You really take the job seriously! 🙂

    There are many things to consider when buying a new computer. The first thing I would ask you is: Do you have a desktop computer as well as a laptop, or will the laptop be the sole computer that you have? If you have a desktop, I recommend going with a smaller screen computer, such as a 13 or a 15. However, if you (like me) are only working with a laptop, I would recommend going with a 15 or a 17. I have a 17, and it is a bit annoying to lug around all day, but when I do design work on it, I am grateful for the extra screen size. If you are going with Apple, your processor and big components are generally picked for you. I would recommend 4 gigs of ram, as Megan said. As far as hard drive space, maybe 300-500gigs on the computer, but I also would advise you to get an external hard drive to back everything up on. Finally, if you decide on a Mac, I would go with AppleCare protection plan as well. It is expensive, but it is highly worth it. I have used it two times because of defective equipment or it just dies and I get a new piece shipped overnight, free of charge!

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