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Halloween, where creativity comes to life

Halloween, the one day that people, young and old get to have fun by wearing cool, funny, and
sometimes weird costumes without being shy or thinking about how people are looking at them!
To me Halloween is interesting not just because of the costumes that people wear; I also like the
decorations that people put around their houses, in their cars, and even on their bodies.
I think that Halloween brings some of the creativeness out of people’s minds, because everyone
is creative in a different way; we all have different backgrounds and have had very unique
experiences so in Halloween. Business, IT, History, and all other people with all the different
majors become designers in one way or another. I know some friends that are (in a way) afraid of
mixing some colors together when wearing every day outfits thinking its “weird” or might look
funny but when its Halloween, they usually have the best costumes because they come out of
that box of neat colors! I think that we should be inspired by people who are not in the art field
because that way we can look at things from a different perspective, a perspective that maybe no
art student would think about.
I like to see how they say they wish they were creative, and they are actually very creative, it all comes out in special occasions. But  like everything, there are always exceptions :p

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  1. emm1288 wrote:

    yea.. you would think that on halloween you can dress up and not care how people are looking at you—unleeessss, you go into DC on actual Halloween day (Sunday) and I guess everyone already wore their costumes saturday night, so nobody was dressed up. People were staring at me and my 3 friends like they had NO clue why we were in costumes. It was quite embarrassing.Otherwise, I completely agree. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays because I can wear outrageous makeup that I can’t really wear any other time.

    Monday, November 8, 2010 at 7:34 am | Permalink