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History of graphic Design


 I disappointed at the beginning when I had to take AVT 318 which is AVT 418 now. I thought it is unnecessary to study about things already have done thousand of years ago, while we have a completely different world to deal with today. As the semester was going I have got more interested on it and appreciated more the material that I learned from the history of graphic design. It led me to think about the connection between history of graphic design in the past and graphic design today. History of graphic design plays as an astonishing resource of inspiration; especially if we study how early art and technological developments influenced many famous artists. Logo design goes back to 1885; in fact the first one used the term “graphic designer” is William Addison Dweggins. I think we all have to remember this name very well since he was the founder of the name of our profession. Defiantly graphic designs of the past would be a great influence and enhance today’s work.

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  1. Sjemieli wrote:

    I can see the importance of the class. If you want to be good at something, you need to really learn all about it, including it’s past. For traditional artists, that tends to be art history classes. For graphic designers, a history of graphic design seems quite practical. Additionally, I think what you said about the connection between design from the past and current design is also quite a good thing to research. It helps us see how design has evolved through the years.

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