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Design Rants

Hi Everyone! It is time to get a feature article worked up for emDash Magazine! So tell me….

What do you hate about design?  What really ticks you off?  Let me know!  You can include anything that you want in this category, but we want to know what about design frustrates you, aggravates you, or makes you want to scream at your computer!

We want to hear your designer rants!


  1. Lindsey Smith wrote:

    Hmmm… Well, since you asked…

    One thing that I’ve found a bit frustrating is never being able to buy a birthday or holiday card, guilt-free. See, now that I am a designer I feel that I am expected to design a special note instead of buy one for my loved ones. So, this means having to actually remember birthdays and holidays well-in-advance.

    Also, now that I am a graphic designer I am hyper sensitive and hyper critical of the design that surrounds me everywhere I go. The bad, the ugly, the good, the brilliant… all of it. It can be a bit overwhelming at times to take it all in!

    And finally, I am in a constant struggle with finding ‘inspiration’ while also exploring my own style. I believe all graphic design students should be learning from the successful designs put forth (looking at the grid, the aesthetic, the mood, the type, the colors, etc). However, I often wonder how looking at these good examples sways our own designs in a negative, rather than a positive, way.

    Wednesday, November 24, 2010 at 10:38 am | Permalink
  2. Sjemieli wrote:

    Interesting, Lindsey! I find that I am so busy in general that I can have an excuse to still buy birthday/holiday cards for the most part. I try to design them when I can, but it isn’t that often that I have the time.
    I agree with you on being hyper sensitive to design in the world. After just two and a half years of really learning about design, I find that I have a much more critical eye on everything.
    Thanks for the input!

    Friday, November 26, 2010 at 9:46 am | Permalink