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Recycling Computers

The other day I found a useful and profitable feature on Apple’s website.  Apparently, Apple has a recycling program for old computers and iPods.  The website,, gives you a few options.  The first lets you turn in your old Windows or Mac computer.  There is a screening process where they evaluate the system, its components, and how good of a condition it is in.  If it is in good shape and relatively new, Apple will give you a gift card for an amount of money to spend at their store.  For example, my 2008 Macbook Pro can still fetch about $600 through the program.  If it is an older system, you may not receive money for it, but Apple will still take it to be recycled.

Another feature of this program is the recycling of old iPods.  Apple states on the website that if you turn in your old iPod at an Apple store, you can get 10% off the cost of a new model.  While 10% may not be much, it is still a savings that you would otherwise not have, and you can have peace of mind knowing your electronic products are getting recycled properly.

I had never heard of this program that Apple does, so I thought it was very interesting!