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PC and Mac

So ever since I decided to be a graphic designer, I have always been told that a Mac is better then a PC for graphic art.  It seems to be the favored operating system for anyone in the graphic design, film, photography, or game majors.  Additionally, the School of Art uses Macs exclusively, so there must be something vital to the system.  I love the Mac OS, but I don’t completely understand what is so special about it that makes it worth the thousand extra dollars for an Apple computer.  For example, a top of the line Mac Pro costs around $4,500 while you could build a PC with specs that match (or best) the Mac Pro for around $2,500.  Therefore, why do the Macs cost so much more?

I can see benefits in the Mac OS as far as features such as spaces, expose, and corners, but that can not be the only difference.  Perhaps it is just the “Apple” name that people are willing to pay so much more for?  What are your thoughts?


  1. Rachel Newdorf wrote:

    I agree, but for me, I am not a techie person. I know with a PC you can built it to how you want, take it apart, add new, etc etc. I am not that savvy, and thats why I love the Mac, because it is all in one and pretty much user friendly. It does suck that it costs so much more, and most of that is probably the brand name, but for me, it is well worth it. It has little to no problems and is so easy to use. I love it <3

    Friday, November 26, 2010 at 3:42 pm | Permalink
  2. angechilada wrote:

    I think the main plus to a Mac is just that the graphics/user interface work especially well for graphic design. One of my professors said that everything just “looks better” on a Mac, but I’m sure you could find a PC with the same capabilities. It’s just that the setup of a Mac is especially geared towards graphic-intensive work.

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  3. emm1288 wrote:

    My boyfriend is an IT major and loves to hate on my Mac.. He is constantly giving me such a hard time because I LOVE my MacBook Pro i got a few years ago but i do agree… I could have done with out thousands of dollars it cost me. (well my parents) BUT.. he says you can run the Mac OS on any other computer, and have it do the same exact things and look the exact same way minus the physical computer part. I personally just think Apple just makes beautiful products and maybe they make us design majors use them because they are so aesthetically pleasing and well designed! I don’t really understand the difference but apparently there is none. But Apple is the best. 100%

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  4. kpatino2 wrote:

    Currently I have a PC but lately i’ve been wanting a Mac. I think it’s mainly because everyone says things like this; that it is geared towards a graphic designer/artist. Although I’m happy with my PC, i tihnk using a Mac everyday at school has influenced me and i do feel a differnce when i design on one as opposed to my PC.

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  5. wrote:

    I have only bought Macs for 7 years now. They are definitely better than PCs graphic design wise. First of all, the entire operating system is beautifully designed & organized. Of course a graphic designer would want to work with well designed programs. The way that the operating system is created, it enables you to be more productive. Features like Expose and Dashboard save my life when working with multiple programs and writing papers.

    Also, the operating system comes standard with great software that designers and other art/media students would be interested in. iMovie, iPhoto & Garageband. It comes with a great Font Book that will list all of our fonts. This is compared to the awful character map on PCs.

    Aaron is right, they aren’t as vulnerable to viruses which benefits everyone. I also agree that the machines themselves are incredibly aesthetically pleasing. Another huge plus for designers!! I think that is an attractive feature. Apple is always at the forefront of technology. I think designers move towards that.

    Wednesday, December 1, 2010 at 11:42 am | Permalink
  6. Yili wrote:

    I have a Mac and a PC. Color, exposure, etc do display better on Mac. But I do not hate working on PC either. However, widely use of Mac in graphic design field forces you to adjust images according to Mac display. Because you can be pretty sure that other people would view your work on a Mac. It establishes a standard. It is good and bad. The good thing is that you can ensure that as long as what you see is fine, other people see the same thing. The bad thing is that you are left no other choice.

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  7. srojsuontikul wrote:

    I have been told that pc users are software developers and know how to do what ever it is they do. Macs have a more user friendly interface.

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  8. Nschrade wrote:

    I’m very bias to this topic because I was raised using mac computers, but I have had extensive use of PC’s. Personally I find Mac’s to just work better for the stuff I need it to do. Yes they both have their perks and downfalls but it all comes down to the user and its your choice to make the best use of your product.

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  9. Denise wrote:


    Although since I was a child, I have always been an apple fan, I had to use PC because that was the only thing in my school. However, I like to get MacPro (last version) with i7 and quad core etc. Unfortunately,my fiance is a strong PC and creates alot of problem because I want Mac. He says he can build PC cheaper than this. All these years I have been following apple products, and at the end I want to get one because my PC is dying after only 4 years. I heard that Apple has longer life span and less problem.
    Would you please tell me why people hate Apple so much? He even fights with me and finds me annoying because I like apple.
    Would you please also tell me, Can I do programming with Apple,such as Solidworks, CAD, FORTRAN, C/C++ and etc? Can I run Windows and MAC side by side and work on both?
    If you could inform me I would be so happy.
    Thanks for your time and help.


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