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PC and Mac

So ever since I decided to be a graphic designer, I have always been told that a Mac is better then a PC for graphic art.  It seems to be the favored operating system for anyone in the graphic design, film, photography, or game majors.  Additionally, the School of Art uses Macs exclusively, so there must be something vital to the system.  I love the Mac OS, but I don’t completely understand what is so special about it that makes it worth the thousand extra dollars for an Apple computer.  For example, a top of the line Mac Pro costs around $4,500 while you could build a PC with specs that match (or best) the Mac Pro for around $2,500.  Therefore, why do the Macs cost so much more?

I can see benefits in the Mac OS as far as features such as spaces, expose, and corners, but that can not be the only difference.  Perhaps it is just the “Apple” name that people are willing to pay so much more for?  What are your thoughts?