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Did Jill Scare Anyone Else?

A few weeks back, you all will probably remember we had a guest speaker come to class? Well I certainly do. In my opinion, Jill is a super human, and she scared me a little! I am a semester from graduating and it was kind of a wake up call to me that soon, I will be in the real world with people like Jill. She is the president of the AIGA in DC (youngest in the nation), writes professionally for a blog, somehow finds time to read a lot, a seemingly successful graphic designer and by the grace of god finds time to get to the gym everyday. I almost found myself envious of her because it seems like she must have 3 clones to get everything done that she accomplishes. She left me hoping that when I graduate I can live a life as busy as hers and be so successful at balancing all of those different elements.