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Holiday cups!

During this time of the season I really enjoy seeing all the decorations people put up. I love seeing the Christmas trees, the lights, and the extra large snowman my neighbor puts outside every year. But one of my favorite things is that when I go the coffee shops like Caribou or Starbucks, they are all in the Christmas spirit too. Not only do I love ordering the Christmas drinks, but I love that for only a couple months of the year you get their seasonal holiday cups; as opposed to their normal white ones. I think this is a really great marketing strategy because it really puts people in the mood of the season and in the mood to spend money (shopping)! It’s also a great way to sell because the fact that it is only temporary makes people want it before it’s gone. I think these cups are fun and they really do make a difference when you walk into their store and feel happy to make a purchase.

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  1. angechilada wrote:

    I know someone who works at Starbucks, and they said that someone tried to approach them with one of the regular season cups, over month after they had been using the seasonal cups. Apparently they told him that it was “disgusting”. One of the best things about coffee shops is how good a hot drink tastes when it’s under 30˚ outside.

    Overall, both Starbucks and Caribou merchandise have really great design. Last time I checked, Caribou was using Neutraface for a lot of their signs, and I’m completely down with that.

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