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Art Of Coffee

We want it, we line up to get it, we consume it, it wakes us up, we drink it every day, but we never realize what we can create out of it.
COFFEE. Yes it is! We can create art out of coffee. Once for a school project I used coffee to give a paper an old look by purring some coffee on the paper. The paper was stained with the brown color which gave it an antique look in a way. However, I never thought about that you can make all of these drawings in a matter of seconds while your coffee is already in the serving cup.
So, what they do is having the coffee latte in the cup, and based on the customer’s choice of drawing they start moving the cream that at the top of the coffee to have the desired drawing. I saw examples like president Obama, flower, Ship, monkey, cat, heart, and much more. So imagine when you order a cup of coffee latte and you get any of these drawings at the surface of your cup. The lightness of the cream and the darkness of the coffee create balanced contrast, which make you drink more enjoyable.Is in it a smart and creative way to please the consumers, and make more benefits out of using the art of coffee?
There are many interesting tutorials that show this idea. If interested follow the link: