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Are You A Good Designer?

I was reading a book about ethics in graphic called Good: an introduction to ethics in graphic design by Luccienne Roberts, I came across an interesting usage of the word “good”, which was the leading for something that I want to share with you all guys. One question was asked to many graphic designers. I liked and I learned from their answers. However I was intrigued by the answer of Paula Scher was asked: “Are you a good designer?” she said: “I don’t understand how the word “good” is used here. Am I well-behaved graphic designer? Am I socially conscious graphic designer? Am I a designer who makes qualitative work (good, not excellent)? It’s a rather peculiar question. Here is what I think I do: I design because I like to make or get made to elevate the expectation of what design should be. That is why I try hard to do in every capacity. Sometimes, I even succeed in it. I can’t determine whether or not that is a “good”, I have to leave that to the critics and historian.

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