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If you are looking for some activity during the break, I would suggest the exhibition, “Guillermo Kuitca: Everything,” on view at the Hirshhorn Museum, DC. If you are familiar with Kuitca, this is a stunning collection of works from all his major series. As you walk along the ring-shaped corridor of the Hirshhorn Museum, the works are displayed as follow: his famous baggage claim carousel work at the entry, series of beds, house plans, road maps, and theatre seating charts. A reason why I would especially recommend this exhibition is that the exhibition space, the circular space of the Hirshhorn Museum, coincides with Kuitca’s theme of a recurring, meaningless, endless circle of life. The physical experience traveling the space complements with the experience viewing the works, and gets extremely intensive. When I finally reached the exit, I was taken over by the tragic sense distributed by the works and the exhibition space. This is an exhibition greatly arranged.