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The Power of Advertising

With only a second to gain a new customer, print ads have to come up with a way to catch someone’s attention at first glance.  This ad is one of many creative and successful ads that I have come across.  The composition and the gradient in the background draws the viewers eye across the ad from the top and ending at the Pepsi can in the bottom right corner.  The roundness of the font used on “mini cans” replicates the roundness of the can.  My only critique is that the fingertips could use some airbrushing, as they do take up a majority of the space.  The simplicity of it is what makes it work so well.  It gets directly to the point: Drink mini Pepsi.  The viewer doesn’t even have to think anything except for “Pepsi”.  The bending of the ice tray sends signals refreshment and coolness.  The popping of the ice into the air could make the viewer think of the fizz that comes with drinking a Pepsi.  The ad is comical and entertaining.  It has the ability to catch someones eye immediately, mostly with the largeness of the fingers which draws them in.  It is successful because it makes the viewer want to buy mini Pepsis.  The reason doesn’t matter.  It could be because the ice tray is cute and comical and so they may think of mini Pepsis in this way.  Or, it could be because the blue gradient and the pop of the ice reminds them of coolness and fizz.  Whatever the reason, the ad works.

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