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Cigarettes Desexualized

The power of advertising is baffling. The way it can make something more or less attractive to so many different groups of people is really amazing. But is it really so influential that it can help to rid us of our bad habits?

It’s been drilled into our heads since we can remember, smoking cigarettes is bad. Yet, on average, about 20% of Americans are smokers (according to this article). A studio in the UK has proposed a redesigning of cigarette packaging as a means of decreasing this number. They suggest “stripping out any superfluous design elements”. It’s brilliant. By taking away recognizable logos and appealing decoration, the danger of cigarettes seems to show more clearly as opposed to being covered up. The result is reminiscent of what I would expect to find cigarette packs to look like in Orwell’s book, 1984.

What do you think of this idea?