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Daily Drop Cap

Daily Drop Cap (DDC, for brevity) is a blog project started by artist Jessica Hische (whom I will write another blog post about, because she is just that talented!). It highlights a different ‘discovered’ artist everyday, and asks them to illustrate a single letter for their drop-cap archives. Each artist puts their own spin on the letters, using different styles, mediums, and techniques. All of the drop-caps are free to use for personal/ non-commercial sites!

What’s incredible about DDC is that is has no set style, look, treatment, or expectations for the letters. Each artist can do with their letter what they please, and aren’t bogged down with making the 25 other letters work in a similar fashion. You can scroll through their archives for ages and still be impressed and surprised by the work created on the blog! I highly recommend using it as a source of inspiration. No letter is too plain, no serif is too typical, and no font is without room for improvement.