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Minimalist Ads

See the whole list HERE.

While I was searching for an ad shown to me in a class, I stumbled across this list of “66 Truly Great Minimalist Ads”. After looking through them all, I have to agree; some of them are, truly, great.

The beauty of minimalist design is that it requires effort on the part of the viewer. You cannot simply walk past a minimalist poster and ‘get it’. It will demand closer attention and thoughtful reasoning. While this sometimes turns people off to this type of design, I see it as a benefit. Once you understand the message being conveyed, you feel as if you’re part of an inside joke; You are one of the few who gets it. It doesn’t take much to communicate an idea, and minimalism is all about reducing a message to its most necessary elements.

But while most designers can appreciate minimalism, it sometimes feels as if no one else does. As one commenter on the list of posters said, “I love minimalistic ads but unfortunately, many of my clients do not. Many people mistake it with easy and cheap.” I’m curious to know what fellow design students think. Is minimalism “easy and cheap”? Or does it take a lot of talent? Would our professors let us get away with posters like these?