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Office Supplies Unite!

For those who work in an office and appreciate neatness, clutter can be a nagging annoyance to the eyes. Tapes, staplers, calculators etc. are all irregularly shaped. No matter how neatly you arrange them, they still interrupt the visual flow of the desk and stand out. They don’t complement each other in form. Yes, you can put them away tucked under your drawers — out ¬†of sight, out of mind. But you would still need to take them out; sometimes so frequently that it becomes counter intuitive to keep them hidden. So how do you solve this dilemma? How do you keep them within arm’s reach and not stand out? Well, designers Adrian and Jeremy Wright have found the perfect solution. Designed for Lexon, the BURO Desk tools streamlines the irregular shape of those office tools into one neat block that gives visual fluidity. And they’re labeled to boot! Take a look at this genius. Now, if only they had a white or black with a polished finish..


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