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Blade Runner in NYC

After watching Blade Runner it seems the advent of advertisement has brought these aesthetic qualities into reality.  In the film, Chicago is covered with unknown foreign languages.  You also see huge television on buildings trying to advertise to the public.  The rules of advertising becomes a whole new language.



New York’s Time Square has now become showered in advertisements.  When I visit Time Square there seems to be a rush of energy.  Advertisements are bombarding my visuals from every direction.  It seems I enjoy the clutter from the ads, it gives a sense of cyberpunk.  However, I love those dystopia settings like Blade Runner, Children of Men, et cetera.  There is something with the bright lights making the night into day.  You can not help but feel some sort of excitement from the crowds and lights.



I could understand why some would consider it to be visual pollution.  There are so many things trying to brand their products to you.  They literally have giant screens across whole buildings to advertise their latest products.  It becomes a competition for the people walking across the street.  Sometimes we just want to see the architecture of the building.  Public space has become a place for advertisers to grab our attention, but should we accept his level of marketing.  Is it too much?  Regardless, I still enjoy the energy from Time Square.



Is it in poor taste and design?  Does it become visually assaulting or have we gotten used to it?