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Graphic Designer Louise Fili

Louise Fili is one of my current favorite graphic designers. I love to look at her designs. Fili specializes in food package design and has designed all sorts of things such as wine bottles, coffee packages, and water bottles.

In my opinion, her designs seem simple but elegant. Also some of her work seems to appear classic or old fashioned looking, for example  the box design Fili did for Late July. 

Fili has also done redesigns of many differnt brands, one of the most well known being the Good Housekeeping Logo. The new logo has a simple, classic appearance to it. The old one came to look very dated and there was to much going on throughout the design. 

Before founding her own studio in 1989, Louise Fili was the senior designer for Herb Lubalin and art director for Pantheon Books from 1978-1989, where she designed more than 2,000 book jackets. Fili has permanent art in the Library of Congress, the Cooper Hewitt Museum, and the Bibliotheque Nationale. Louise Fili has written many books on design. In 2004, Louise Fili was inducted into the Art Directors Hall of Fame. Currently she specializes in logos, package, restaurant, and book design.