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Subliminal messages in design/illustrations???

I know this is old news and rather overrated, but one must appreciate the trouble that the designer had to go through in order to accomplish the subliminal stimuli. And the headlines isn’t bad either. The headline actually is a little hard to understand if you are not aware of the message behind the illustration. Once you are aware of what the illustration is doing to your perception, then it becomes crystal clear (I don’t have to go into any details. I think the illustration is pretty self-explanatory).

But let me get back to my main point which is,what does it take to do subliminal messages? what is the process of creating an image/message that will affect your perception of things?  Is one way to create subliminal messages by reversing the negative thought and feelings regarding a particular subject matter by replacing it with another one?  And if so, how would the image/message will be presented to the  subconscious mind? All these factors need to be consider way before sketching the idea.

One thing to consider whether you are doing subliminal messages for ads or just for fun,  is to have an understanding of gestalt. I remember when I didn’t know what that word meant, though I know you graphic designers out there are familiar which such principle and perhaps see it everyday.  If you ask me how is gestalt similar to subliminal stimuli, I would say that it  “emphasizes personal responsibility.” LOL that wasn’t a joke. That was me laughing at me.