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Games Are Useful in Life

I found this in shirt form a long time ago and am still kicking myself for not getting it. This is one of the best video game shirts I’ve ever seen. This is a list of all the helpful things that you can learn from video games, and a good deal of it I can apply to my own experiences. This is the ultimate shirt for the gamer since most of the text is relevant to some popular game or another. Even for the non gamer it’s entertaining to read. It also attracts gamers with the images next to the text. Taken from an old, but popular, game called Space Invaders, it’s nothing more than a magnet to gamers. The pictures reel in the viewer, and when they start reading the text, they must finish the text. It’s just a fantastic view on the world of video games. Be it on a shirt or on a poster on the wall, this will definitely attract people.