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GDC or Game Developers Conference is a very large gathering that happens once a year in San Fransisco, California. Other smaller game conferences happen all over the United States at different times of the year, but GDC is by far the biggest and the best. They have an expo demonstrating new technology and new games as well as lectures and round table that you can attend.  This is the logo for the GDC, very simple design, gets the point across.  I’m not sure why they made the D look like a tear drop, but apparently it’s the design they’ve stuck with for quite a while. It’s also very shiny, something gamers are known to be attracted to. I can also understand that they want a simple design considering they have to print off all the fliers and banners and posters for advertising purposes. I’ve been to a GDC, and there was one banner that was two and a half stories high and who knows how wide. It was monstrous.  You know, it’s a great little logo, and it’s been working for them for years. It’s simple and elegant and gets the point across. This is a logo that can stand the test of time, or at least as long as GDC runs.