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Book Cover Redesigns

Books can stay popular for many years, but the covers change to attract new readers. Since the cover of a book is its strongest form of advertisement, publishers have to continue to update book covers to keep them eye-catching. This is easily seen in the young adult fiction market. A good example of this is the book Forever by Judy Blume. The cover of Forever has changed multiple times since it was first published in the 1970’s. The cover design for the first edition of Forever is a drawing of a young girl’s face inside of a locket on a necklace. The girl is looking down and appears to be sad or depressed. The current cover of Forever is a photograph of the legs of a teenage girl and boy laying on a bed. The current cover design of Forever is more hopeful and playful; where as the original cover seems discouraging. This shows the changes of trends in the advertising of books. Young adult fiction trends are constantly changing. Teenagers want what is on the cutting edge and an outdated cover will not always appeal to them.

Original Cover

Current cover