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Luerzer’s Archive

On this post, I wanted to share my favorite graphic design/advertising magazine.  Luerzer’s Archive has been my go to magazine for a long time now and I love this magazine.  It helps me to improve with my creativity, ideas and styles.  I get many inspirational ideas from the other great designers from this magazine.  The designs and advertisements are very modern and fresh.  It is mostly done by the professionals currently in the field, so you can also get an idea of what’s on demand.  Archive can be a bit pricey but I really think it’s worth to subscribe and see them regularly.  They often hold student contests and post the winners works on the magazine too.  I think this magazine is a great stepping stone for graphic design students like us to learn and observe what’s currently on the market.  Luerzer’s Archive says, “Anyone who does not already subscribe to Lürzer’s Archive is bound to be on the list of prime suspects every time a colleague finds that the latest issue of the magazine has been filched.”  I highly recommend Archive! Go check them out at your local book store.