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Interesting Quote

“A designer who gives her art away, makes no pay. A designer who keeps her art to herself, makes no friends.”

— Amber Seree Allen

Given my recently getting involved in AIGA Design Firm and becoming Co-production Coordinator, this resonated with me. It made me laugh first and then think to myself, truer words never spoken. I love doing work for my friends, and I hate when they offer to pay me. I feel like if they tried to do it themselves it would be god awful so I might as well let them borrow my skills for a few hours. That’s what friends are for right? At least I think so.

I got this quote from one of my favorite websites When ever I need inspiration I just go to the website and find something that sparks my creativity in the words of someone who knows a hell of a lot more about design than I do. I was flipping through earlier this afternoon to try and get something going for my branding class and ran across the quote above. Something struck me about it… maybe because it’s so absolutely true. I don’t know I just thought I would share.