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Importance of Web Design Knowledge

Apparently it’s a big deal or something now-a-days to know how to code a website. Who knew? I just thought I should write about this with the addition of the AVT 217 class required for BFA students. I know it was frustrating and almost screwed me over and still kind of did seeing as i have 18 and 17 credits in the fall and spring respectively to graduate on time. Which is important because my parents aren’t paying for any more than 8 semesters.

I for one know nothing about coding a website. I know a little bit about current trends in website design but I have no idea how to execute those designs to make them functional. This question thread dives into the issue of Dreamweaver and whether or not it is useful. I do believe that is what we teach here at Mason but according to this thread if you know how to code by hand then DW is irrelevant.

#A print designer that knows DW is not a web designer.

Another quote for the ages.