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Web designers can learn from print designers?!?!

I hope most web designers have basic design knowledge but this is good advice for any designer I feel. I know I will be making a poster out of these 7 things as soon as the semester ends.

1) The Power of a Brand, 2) Target Audience, 3) Brevity vs. Limited Space, 4) Clever Design is Better Design, 5) Why So Serious?, 6) The Value of a Good Photo, 7) Appreciate Interactivity

They all seem to be pretty basic but sometimes I even need to be reminded of these every once and a while. You are never to old to stop learning and I truly believe that. I make posters out of things like this and hang them around my room so when I need a little design pick-me-up and it helps out a lot. I recommend that to everyone. One, you have some decoration. Two, it’s design practice. Three, you can use them for future reference instead of trying to find the article again.