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What truly makes a font terrible?

I know that I ‘ve posted up at least 5 different fonts that have been viewed as “disgusting”, “tacky”, etc. and frowned upon by graphic designers. Whereas some of the featured fonts such as Comic Sans and Papyrus are universally reviled by any graphic designer, are seen as the mark of a complete amateur, and pretty much secure the top 2 spots on any “Worst Fonts Ever” blog list, there are other fonts on many lists online that list fonts such as Helvetica or Impact as the worst fonts a graphic designer can utilize, mostly due to the fact that everyone in the graphic design community uses them and thinks that they’re “cutting edge” or “avant garde”.

What really makes a certain kind of font or typeface terrible to use? Is it the way it’s designed? It’s intentions? The fact that amateur graphic designers abuse the font and make it look tacky, or the fact that every graphic designer in the field over-uses the font and makes everything they design a copy of a copy of a copy (to quote Fight Club)- which is ironic, since isn’t the point of Graphic Design supposed to be unique in every way?

I don’t have a clear-cut answer, and even after looking at many tacky and terrible fonts, I still don’t have a real answer; although I have plenty of good reasons as to why I feel that Comic Sans or Papyrus look really terrible to use in just about any graphic design project imaginable, there are other fonts that I just don’t quite understand. Maybe when it all comes down to it, what truly is a “horrible font” is a matter of personal preference; although I don’t agree that fonts like Helvetica and Impact are horrible, I do honestly feel that they’re overused, but that’s probably because the field of Graphic Design can be very strict and imposing on its beliefs, and many designers (especially newcomers) have to almost skate on thin ice when it comes to selecting a font to use. I guess maybe as I go on in my career, I’ll discover which fonts to use and which not to use, but if anything else, I have a pretty solid foundation to start on.

Though I think we can all agree that no matter what the opinion, Comic Sans still sucks, and always will.