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Album Cover Review – Say Anything (Self Titled)

Say Anything has been around since the early 2000’s.  They are probably my favorite band and that is due to the lead vocalist Max Bemis’ vulgar poetic.  The man knows how to express any angst a young man may feel in the perfect words with perfect honesty.  He is a rather intelligent individual, writing songs exploring human psychology and the Holocaust.   He also used to be very addicted to drugs and had a few intense breakdowns.  He attended rehab and cleaned up and since then has been clean.  Due to this life experiences, the songs and albums tingle with an awkward angst and vulgar poetic where Bemis conveys his vulnerability.  The albums always tend to allude to that.  This particular album features a chubby young boy in a home made super hero suit standing amongst a city made a cardboard where he is as large as Godzilla.  This awkwardness that longs of dreams and boyish desires is a very Bemis-esque.