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Album Cover Review – The National – Boxer

The National is a mellow band that has not acquired a huge following as of yet.  The first time I borrowed this album from a friend and listened to it, I did not like the deep voice of the vocalist.  Then one day randomly on a drunken stupor, I put the album on as I went to sleep and I slept like a baby.  I began regularly listening as I went to sleep and grew to absolutely love this band.  They are mellow and yet extremely emotionally charged.  His writing is intelligent and a similar vulgar poetic to Say Anything.  This album cover shows the band on an old dining hall swing club stage with very obviously fifties people dancing around tables.   The band is clad in classic clothing.  This dance hall aesthetic is a really cool and interesting approach for the band to take.  It’s also interesting that while being the center of the composition and most well-lit, the eye has to travel past all of the other characters first.