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Album Cover Review – Emmure – The Respect Issue

Emmure is a hardcore band that apparently hates women because of the lead vocalist’s involvement with one particular young lady.  Almost every song is about a girl.  Thus, it’s great listening when you’re very angry over being cheated on or a rough breakup.  The album cover itself has the EMMURE written is heavily embellished type face, almost considerably Gothic, with THE RESPECT ISSUE written in a simple sans serif.  In the background is a black boxer with his shoulder muscles flexed and boxing gloves crossed just under the bottom frame of the photo.  He has an intense and slightly angry, but more so  concentration and determination.  A towel laying over the ropes on the boxing rink in the  background also has EMMURE written across it.  The whole composition is done in gray scale tones and has a very intimidating, yet honest appeal to me.  The boxer’s interesting expression is what makes it memorable  for me.