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Sketchbooks and Tutorials

Sketchbooks and tutorials are two things that I believe are important for any artists, and especially the latter for digital artists. Drawing in your sketchbook daily can vastly improve your ability to more quickly start tasks that will be presented to you  in your college and post-college design career. Whether you’re story boarding, mood boarding, or just working out concepts, having and daily drawing in your sketchbook can improve you as an artists and designer.


So how important are tutorials to the fledgling designer? In my opinion, as important as going to your studio classes. We go to our art classes to increase our knowledge of art/design concept and theory, learn how to better use the software, and learn how to create the visuals that we want with that software. That is all good and very important, but we do not learn in class all the neat little tricks and cool visual effects that we should know, there is just not enough time. That leaves it up to us to learn them outside of class and it is important that we take the time to mess around in the programs and learn from other people. I often hear people asking “that’s cool, I wonder how they achieved that effect” and sometimes I can respond with “oh, it is a combination of this and that and here is a tutorial on how it is done.” So look at tutorials, even if you only peruse over just to see the process. Draw in your sketchbook and look at tutorials this summer, you will thank yourself in the future.