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What does a business card say about you?

Business cards are often overlooked elements of representing your business, when they are a very important part of your brand.. A Business card is the first thing potential clients will look at after meeting you. So when done properly you are leaving a good last impression after your first meeting. The card will identify your business and provide a way to get in touch–making your card an essential part of your brand. The design, the message, the ‘feel’ of your card–these are all clear signals to your new clients that will help them understand who you are and what your work ethic is. A clean, simple design suggests you care about appearance, which is good since they are approaching you as a designer about their appearance. So having a cluttered, overly-complex card might scare potential clients away. So take everything into account when designing a business card: the content, design, typography, color, print quality, paper/material, and size.

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