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Yes, Learn to Say No.

Learning to say no applies to more than just saying no as a designer, it applies to life. However when pertaining to design there will be times that we just need to say no.

Saying no isn’t necessarily selfish. When you say no to a new commitment or client, you’re honoring your existing obligations and ensuring that you’ll be able to devote quality time to them, which allows for you to produce work of quality.

Saying no can allow you to try new things. Just because you’ve always helped with a yearly design project doesn’t mean that you have to keep doing it forever. Saying no will give you time to pursue other interests.

Always saying yes isn’t healthy. When you’re overcommitted and under too much stress, you’re more likely to feel run-down and possibly get sick. On top of this, you’ll degrade the quality of your life and work.

There will always be periods in life where you will be so busy and you’re stressing because you have so much to get done because it is just that time of the year. However, there will be times where that extra work and stress is not needed and that relief comes in the form of “No.” Saying no isn’t rude or unethical, it can be a way of respecting yourself and your limits.