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Color and Typography really are Important

This article talks about how there is a direct correlation between typography and color, and how people (the audience) responds to it. The article also explains things about the do’s and do not’s of color and typography when used in a public setting.
The first thing people need to learn about is the color wheel and this article explains with a simple and easy explanation on what the primary, secondary, and tertiary colors are on the color wheel. There is also a short and easy explanation on the temperature, saturation, and value of a color.
The article goes over a few of the simplest rules when working with the color wheel. It also points out that one should never neglect the fact that colors seem to change when paired up with other certain colors, making a grey look like a blue, etc …
There is a short look at some color psychology in the article along with one point where the writer states that is definitely okay to experiment with different colors, but to be aware of the readability of certain typefaces on certain colors and whether or not to bolster the weight of a typeface to make it easier to read.